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We Setup Chaplain Schools

Do you have a desire for Ministry and educating people in Ministry? We have a program setup that will allow you to train people or other ministers on how to be a Chaplain. The program is designed to be "Turn Key" and requires very little work from you as possible. It comes with the main components listed below:





It comes with a website that we will design for you and populate the contents on the site. If you already having an existing website we can integrate this Chaplaincy program into it.




It comes with courses already made for you to just use and train your students. We can also use your own courses if you already have. The courses are already pre-programmed to work in the online campus, and all you have to do is get students to go online and study them. (If you need someone to help you get students, we can provide marketing services as well).


Online Campus


The campus is the key ingredient. It runs the entire operation. It can enroll students, it keeps a track of the exam results and the activities that each of the students do. The campus is easily expandable whether you have 30 students or 3000 students. It is very robust and can practily take anything that you throw at it. The most important point to list here is that 'IT WORKS.'





We will provide you with a wholesale supplier of badges where you can purchase the badges at a wholesale rate and then sell them back to your student chaplains at retail rate. You will receive 5 starter badges after the completion of the setup.




Your computer will get setup to create your own IDs for your students. If you want the option to print IDs from your office, then additional machinery will be required at an additional purchase depending on the quality you want to put out.




You will be given a wholesale supplier of wallets where you can purchase in bulk at a cheap rate and sell them back at a retail rate. The wallets are used to hold the IDs and Badges and are normally required to be purchased from each of your students.


Training & Consulting


You will be provided training and consulting on how to run your new Chaplain School. This will come with 10 hours of training which should normally cover going over the entire operation with up to 2 people from your organization. Training will be provided over the phone, via a face to face web conference and remote desktop support giving us access to setup all the required files fo your operation.


Hosting of Online Campus & Site


We will host your campus and website free for 3 months which will give you enough time to start making profits from the operation. After 3 months you are required to pay for hosting.



chaplain school

Cost: $5000
Delivery Time: 3-7 Days
Payment Terms: One Time Payment








Here is a client reference:


American International Chrisitain Chaplains Association






This Chaplain School Operation will give you the ability to sell your own satellites which will bring you a lot of revenue once you can follow our blue prints. You are required to use our company to setup each satellite that you have. You are required to use our company for the hosting. If you would like to use another company for the hosting, then the setup fee will be higher.