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Cisco Solutions / WAN Solutions

Nexgen Business Solutions has the pleasure of employing Cisco Certified Networking professionals. The CCNP certification is one of the most coveted and highly trusted certification in the IT industry. Nexgen Business Solutions can now bring these elite individuals to support your network. These individuals can also setup networks that span multiple cities. Our CCNPs can provide support for all Cisco products, from switches to routers to firewalls. If you are looking to add Cisco products to your network, Nexgen Business Solutions should be your first choice. As a certified Cisco Reseller, we can also provide Cisco products at a very affordable price. Nexgen Business Solutions can support the following:



1. All Cisco routers.



2. All Cisco switches



3. All Cisco VPN/Firewall routers



4. Support for Networks based around Cisco



5. Design Cisco LANs.



6. Design Cisco WANs.



7. Interconnect your heterogeneous network with Cisco products



8. Training for support Cisco products.


Cisco Solutions