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Nexgen Business Solutions has been providing E-Business solutions for the last several years. Our list of clients includes companies that are enterprise-level, and small businesses. With certification from companies like Microsoft, Novell, Cisco and Compaq, we can provide E-Business solutions for almost all system types. Our team consists of individuals who are certified from all the companies listed above. Here is a brief summary of the services N.B.S. can offer to your company.


1. Hardware Support: on popular brands such as Compaq, IBM, Dell, Hewlett-Packard. All team members are A+, Compaq certified.


2. Microsoft Solutions: support for any and all Microsoft Products


3. Novell Solutions: support for Novell version 3.x, 4.x, and 5.xz.


4. WAN solutions: support for complex network that may span more than one city or state. We can provide support for products such as Cisco, Nortel, 3 Com, and other manufacturers with certified employees who also have the experience to work with those products. Nexgen Business Solutions should be your first choice when it comes to WAN Solutions.


5. Disaster Recovery: Nexgen Business Solutions can help you recover from major data crashes, and Disasters. We can also help you in preventing future problems by providing support from such software as ARC Serve, and setting up redundant data storage devices.


6. Firewall Support: We can help secure your network. With individuals certified to support.


7. Training: Nexgen Business Solutions also employs certified instructors who are highly qualified and have track, record in the training industry which is unmatchable by other institution in this field. You can easily depend on Nexgen Business Solutions for all of your E- Business support, regardless of the platform you run.