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Customer Service

Customer Service

Want to hire a virtual assistant or secretary then why not give us a call. Our trained virtual assistants are highly qualified individuals and their main objective is to help you succeed. When you hire one of our virtual assistants, you hire one of your own workers.

Our virtual assistants are reachable on the phone or via the internet. If you have any type of work to be done, they can quickly connect to your computer to type documents, print letters, and check or write emails etc. It’s like the same thing as having a personal secretary next to you, but in a virtual experience way. The benefit of this is your overhead is LOW and you can still get your work done without any risks involved. There is no work mans comp to worry about, no training, no insurance to pay and no tax issues to worry about.

All of our virtual assistants are reachable via phone, internet or by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is someone who works for you from a remote location.

Why hire a virtual assistant? The cost of hiring a personal assistant is quite costly these days, plus the issues of dealing with work mans comp and insurance. When you hire one of our virtual assistants, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

Where are these virtual assistants located? Our virtual assistants are located in the U.S.A. We believe in strengthen the U.S. economy verses other companies that just outsource to other countries which creates an imbalance in our U.S. economy. So to summarize, we create U.S. jobs, our competitors take away U.S. jobs.

Virtual Assistant, Virtual Secretary, Virtual Assistance and Virtual Staff are services provided by Nexgen Business Solutions.