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Hardware Support

As a Compaq/DELL Associate, Nexgen Business Solutions is able to support all Compaq/DELL Servers, Desktops and Laptops computers. We employ technicians with Compaq/DELL and A+ certification. Therefore you can depend on us for all your computer hardware support. We can provide onsite support or in house support, which ever fits the needs of your business. We can also provide a technician that will remain onsite to make sure nothing ever goes wrong. In the event that disaster does strike, you always have an in house technician that can get your system back online in no time. As a Compaq/DELL Associates we can even supply you with system that fits your needs. Nexgen Business Solutions can provide support on the following:


1. Any and all Compaq Computers.

2. Installing and support of all Computer related hardware.

3. Sales of Compaq Computers.

4. Any and all Hewlett-Packard products.

5. Any and all IBM Products.