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Web Services

This section outlines some of the basic steps you need to take to put your company on the internet. Our mission is to guide you through each of these steps successfully to get your website up and running.


  • Register your domain name
  • Select where your site will be hosted
  • Design your site
  • Develop your site
  • Host your site


In addition, if the site will be enabled for e-business to accept credit cards in exchange for goods and/or services you need to do the following:


Setup an Internet Merchant Account domain registration service

  • Apply for a Secure Certificate
  • Setup an account with a secure gateway provider
  • Setup the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for credit card transactions
  • Add Shopping cart capabilities to your website
  • Add additional programming to your website to add/update your inventory
  • Add additional programming to process secure credit card transactions
  • Add a virtual terminal to manage your credit card transactions and manually process transactions and post refunds.


Unlike other web hosting providers, we will assist you with each of these steps and guide you through each of these areas:


Personal Consultant: When you hire us to build and host your website, you will work personally with a consultant who will determine your business needs, explain the requirements and costs of each step, suggest the direction you should go and work with you in developing your site.


E-Business: If you're building an online storefront, we'll explain everything that's involved with e-commerce web hosting, lay out all of the expenses up front and work with you to develop a professional looking e-commerce enabled website to suit your business needs and objectives.


Graphics Design: We can work with your existing graphical designs if you already have sales literature that can be ported to the Internet or we can have you work with one of our graphics artists who can design a custom look and feel complete with all of the graphics necessary to enhance your website.