Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Nexgen Business Solutions have a special package that is designed for small business that need customers "NOW." We call it our "Appointment Setting" Package. Our Appointment Setting Package is designed to get you out there meeting clients daily while we focus on keeping you busy.

With this service we take care of all the marketing cost to advertise your company and you only pay for the appointments we set. This marketing model is designed with the least amount of risk for you the client because we are the ones taking the bigger risk to get you clients. Thus the reason why we have to work hard for your company to receive quality leads from us, especially since we are paying from our pockets to drive customers to you.

With our performance based marketing services we require a contract to be signed which basically states that once we do our job you the client will pay us for it. We also require a DEPOSIT on all performance based marketing services so we normally charge this in the form of a setup fee.


Our Pay Per Appointment service is designed for those businesses that are in the service industry. We will use our marketing resources to get your company appointments with clients. In return you have to pay for each appointments that we set for your company. These appointments are "ONLY" for your company and are "NOT SOLD" or given to any other company but yours. This will be exclusively for your company.

This service is ideal for people in the service industry like contractors, roofers, plumbers, painters type of business. This can be used of other types of businesses as well.


The appointments we schedule for you are delivered in an excel spreadsheet. If you want to have it delivered into a CRM software that is also availabe for an additional fee. If you don't have a CRM we can set one up for you.