Customer Generation

$99 Flat Rate Lead Generation

Customer Generation

Customer Generation


What are we offering?


$99 Flat Rate Lead Generation - Customer Generation Services. We generate calls, leads and new prospects for our clients across North America. We get your phones to ring with new customers wanting your services. We pay the marketing cost from our pockets to get our clients phones to ring with new prospects on the phone. In return we charge a fee of $99 per week.

How does it work?

We own and operate many internet properties online such as locally ranked websites and videos. We find local clients like yourself that can use the extra business and send you all the calls that these internet properties receive. The calls that come in are from local customers who are looking for your type of service or product, so all you have to do is tend to the needs of these clients. To keep this referral service active, you just have to pay the agreed fee and the calls and leads constantly gets directed to your office number. We will also give you a way to track the phone calls and leads that come in. In addition to all of this we pay for the telephone usage and marketing charges to keep this service active. In return you are just paying one flat fee.


Where are these calls coming from?

The calls are coming from our internet properties and the online marketing that we do. People find those ADs that we advertise, then they respond by calling the number that they see which routes the calls to you.


What are these ADs?

These ADs will be either a video commercial or a Image ADs related to your type of business.


What are these Internet Properties?

The internet properties are lead generation websites and videos that we own and operate online. We handle the building of the websites, hosting, updates and search engine optimization to keep them ranked in the search engine. We then find local clients like yourself that can use the extra marketing and redirect the phone calls to local clients like yourself at an affordable rate.


What's the cost of each call? $0

We only charge a flat rate of $99 per week for the service. There are no per call or per lead rates.

Are there any Contracts?

There are NO Contracts. Customers can cancel at anytime.

Is there a way to track the calls? Yes.

We will give you (the client) access to our system so that you can track the calls that come in for your campaign. There is also an option to record the calls that come in through the system so that you (the client) can go back through the system and play back each call that was generated. This will help you to determine if you are getting quality calls from us.


How many calls will you receive? 5 - 20 *

The amount of calls you receive depends on the type of business you are in and the location. Bigger cities have bigger demands. In addition, the results have a lot to do with supply and demand. For example, most people don't need their A/C fixed during winter, because they normally need this type of service during the hot summer months. Another example is that people don't need a roofer everyday, but after a natural disaster there will be a flood of calls based on supply and demand.

*We cannot guarantee exactly how many calls will come in per week as stated in the explaination above. We advertise on a best effort basis, so the results will vary per week.


What is the upfront cost? $495

$99 which goes to the setup of the campaign and goes towards the future calls you will receive from us.
$99 for the first week service x 4 weeks = $396
A total of $495 upfront cost.

What makes us different?

We are marketing for you (the clients) to get your phones to ring and all the calls ring on your phone vs. us selling the calls to 10 of your competitors which would compete for the same job. So in essence we are giving you exclusive leads and delivering them in the form of phone calls.

Also, it's in our best interest that you (our customer) succeed, because if we don't get your phones to ring, you will not stick around as a client. Especially since we are not doing any contracts.

When do you have to pay the bill?

You pay $396 per month and there are NO CONTRACTS. $99 x 4 Weeks of Service = $396 Per Month.


When will your campaign get setup?

Your campaign will be deployed after 3 business days after receipt of payment and confirming your order. We also need to go over a few details pertaining the ADs that will ensure we are promoting the right things for your company.

When will you start to see results?

Once your ADs are setup and operational, results will start to appear after 1-2 business days. Also new internet properties will take some time to fully kick in, so in the meantime you will be receiving calls from social media which typically happens within 1-2 business days.

Results may vary based on industry, location and supply & demand as explained above.

Types of companies we help?


Assisted Living
Auto Body Repair
Auto Detailing
Auto Repair
Auto Used Car Dealers
Auto Insurance
Bankruptcy Attorney
Carpet Cleaners
Commercial Brokers
Cosmetic Surgeon
Credit Repair Companies
Day Spa
Debt Counseling
Electrical Contrator
Energy Savings Companies
Event Planner
Financial Planner
Garage Door Companies
Gold Buyers
Funeral Home
Heating Contractors
Home Improvement
Home Health Care Provider
Home Insurance
HVAC Companies
Insurance Agents
Laser Eye
Life Insurance
Martial Arts Schools
Mold Removal Companies
Senior Day Care Centers
Solar Companies
Tree Specialist
Tutoring Centers
Waterproofing Experts
Window Replacement Companies
Painting Contractors
Paving Contractors
Personal Trainer
Personal Coach
Pest Control
Pet Grooming
Pet Sitting
Pet Training
Pool Care
Professional Electrician
Professional Plumber
Retirement Community
Roofing Contractors
Security Specialists


All sales are final. There are no refunds. Once an order comes in we have to pay out of pocket to begin your campaign to vendors and employees. Also time is non-refundable.

Want more calls? Upgrade to the next package which will just cost you an additional $99 per week which will allow you to receive up to double the results.