Nexgen Business Solutions can help your organization raise funds in as little as 30 to 90 days.




We work with different types of religious, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.  We know what it takes to raise the funds you need for those types of organizations.  With our help you are one step away from accomplishing your funding goals. Also, whatever work we do with your fundraiser program is CONFIDENTIAL.

We specialize in Church Fundraising and have many ways to help your organization raise $100,000 to over $1,000,000 in 30, 60, or 90 days providing you already have the following basic requirements met:

  • You must have access to people (the larger the crowd the more you can raise in a shorter time)
  • You need a track record that will build credibility (show people what you have done)
  • You must have a goal of what you want to accomplish (tell your audience about how much you need to raise and why you need it)

With those simple requirements met, we can easily assist you in raising funds for your organization.  We do it by showing you how to give back to the people that are giving to you.  You may ask how?
We offer vacation travel incentives such as cruises and hotel stay certificates that you can use as a promotional tool and driving force for your fund raiser.  This is a proven strategy that commands attention from the general public and when done right gives you quick turn around funding process that can meet or beat your target goal.

Why are we so confident about this? 

You are giving people something back in return for their help.  We have found out that people like to be rewarded.  When people give to your cause you are returning the favor with a travel incentive that cost you pennies on the dollar and is generally worth more than you receive. Below are some of the travel incentives that we have to offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-866-575-1213 and press 1 for sales.


how does fundraiser work


We have promotional cruises and travel incentive offers.  Our job is to keep the cruises and hotel rooms booked.  We give you these travel and hotel certificates at a fraction of what it would cost you regularly.  Based on that HUGE DISCOUNT you now raise money for your organization where they give you a donation.  Every time someone gives you a donation, you give them a travel certificate based on the amount of money they gave to your organization.

You can offer the certificates based on tiers meaning that if someone were to give you a donation for $60, you could offer them a 2 Nights Hotel stay where up to 4 people can use it.  Likewise, if the same person did a donation for $150 or more, you could offer them a cruise to the Bahamas for up to 2 people per cruise certificate.

We don’t set the donation limits.  You do according to your fundraiser model and budget.

Before you begin the fundraiser, you first need samples in your hand to show to your people what you are doing.  You do not have to order everything up front.  You can raise funds first then place a large order with us after, or you can order small batches to be dispersed during the fundraiser program that you are doing.

We also have a training video that will be provided after you order the sample pack.  This will explain everything in FULL DETAIL.



How do you get started?



order fundraising starter





We offer a wide variety of services that can help churches, but most churches cannot afford them due to lack of funds.  This is why we have designed this service to help put money in the hands of CHURCHES & NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. 
After we have helped the churches to raise money, we can do the following:

Everything that we build is powered by us on our systems and we are the provider for those systems




These 2 Nights Hotel stay is worth up to $299 and can be used at various hotels across the U.S.A & Canada. These are for 3 stars or better hotels.   This 3 Days 2 Nights Bahamas cruise retails for $398 and includes room and board. No Florida Residents.   These 5 Days 4 Nights cruise certificates can go to the Bahamas or Mexico. They are worth up to $1298.
hotel stay   2 nights bahamas cruise   4 nights bahamas cruise



You can start by placing a trial order which is anywhere from 1-10 units. This way you have something in hand to start with. Use them to raise your funds and once you have more money, come back and do a larger order which will lower the cost of the travel certificates. We accept checks, credit cards or paypal. Large orders MUST USE CHECKS. We first issue you an invoice then you pay the invoice.