internet radio station

Internet Radio Station

Internet Radio Station

Do you own a local radio station and want to extend your presence online to a bigger audience? You can do so with an internet radio station. We can help you to do that online via a website or via a mobile application. We also own and operate the broadcast servers that will allow you to stream in your live content into us so that it can be re-distributed into your website so that your live listeners can tap into your broadcast stream.

If you don’t have a physical radio station setup and are interested into owning and setting up an online internet radio station, we can also help you with that. We can help you to collect content, configure your computer to be an internet radio station and help you with getting online exposure. Look at the services that we offer and you will see how we are entirely different than those other guys that setup internet radio stations. We offer a full fleet of services including online marketing services which is the key to getting that big exposure to your station.

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Your radio station will need the right hardware for it to operate and function properly 24/7/365.  The cost of hardware is additional to the consulting and setup fee.  The hardware can range from $500 - $5,000 depending on the budget and the scale on which you would like to operate.  You will need mics (if you are doing a live station), headphones, a reliable PC (we recommend a workstation) and a stable internet connection (20 Meg download & 2 Meg upload minimum) that will be used to stream your content into our servers.




The cost of the internet radio software is additional which ranges from $300 - $500.  This is the main component that runs the radio station.  All the audio files play from a que and your microphone connects to this software.  This internet radio station software will be configured to stream into our own servers where your live listeners will be able to reach your broadcast.  The configuration is a part of the setup and consultation.



Content is not provided.  You supply the content, we setup the internet radio station.  Most customers already have their own content like sermons, songs, documentaries, etc.  You need to ensure that you have the right to stream your content to avoid any copyright issues and lawsuits.  We do have a solution for providing songs in different genre which will cost anywhere from $50 - $200 per month.  This will give you the rights to play songs and the latest hits, most of which you hear on the regular radio.



The special rate that we have advertised above is for 5 hours of our time.  During this time, we will configure (remotely) your new internet radio station.  If you would like us to travel to your location and be there physically, you will be charged a different rate plus travel expenses.  The consultation time is billed at $100 per hour.  Once you have your content, most simple internet radio stations can be put together in about 5 hours.


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Free Hosting - Once you are paying for the radio streaming service, we will throw in our cPanel web hosting service for free. Our Radio streaming service cost $99 per month. For more information click here.

Free Blog Website - We will setup a free blog website using WordPress just to tie in the live streaming option so that your listeners can visit your website to listen. They don't need to download any apps. Streaming is done via the website. If you decide to go with a professional looking website, we have rates starting from $999 and you can find out more here

Free Training - We will include 1 hour free traning after we have setup the radio station.

Free Online Marketing - We have ways to advertise your website and internet radio station across the internet. You will get 1 month free advertisement. After that it will cost you $99 per month if you decide to keep it.