Office Wiring and Data Communications

Our team of experienced technicians can help you with your networking need and wire your new or existing offices for a data or voice network. We design efficient layouts using Intelligent Switches from Hewlett Packard, 3Com or Cisco. Multiple floors are connected without a degradation of bandwidth.

We connect your branch offices using several different VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies. This enables a low cost solution to connecting your offices no matter where they are in the world.

Enterprise or Small Business Networks No matter how large or how small your organization might be, every network should be:

Scalable - Grow with your company. Built on a foundation that supports expansion. When designing a network, our engineers always recommend both software and hardware that will not be outgrown as your users or data needs expand.

Secure - Access to your information should be instantaneous but also controlled, to keep prying eyes, both within and outside your organization from viewing sensitive data. We use the industry's leading firewall and directory services to enable security on the Networks that we build.

Stable - Our engineers will build in the maximum redundancy into every system we install to mitigate down time. Our commitment to disaster recovery after component failure is foremost.

Network Troubleshooting

Our Staff of Certified Network Engineers can diagnose and fix problems related to Novell networks from NetWare version 3.x to 6, GroupWise, BorderManager and Microsoft NT/2000/.NET, MS Exchange, MS BackOffice Suite and Linux.

Cisco Solutions / WAN Solutions

Nexgen Business Solutions has the pleasure of employing Cisco Certified Networking professionals. The CCNP certification is one of the most coveted and highly trusted certification in the IT industry. Nexgen Business Solutions can now bring these elite individuals to support your network. These individuals can also setup networks that span multiple cities. Our CCNPs can provide support for all Cisco products, from switches to routers to firewalls. If you are looking to add Cisco products to your network, Nexgen Business Solutions should be your first choice. As a certified Cisco Reseller, we can also provide Cisco products at a very affordable price. Nexgen Business Solutions can support the following:

All Cisco routers
All Cisco switches
All Cisco VPN/Firewall routers
Support for Networks based around Cisco
Design Cisco LANs
Design Cisco WANs
Interconnect your heterogeneous network with Cisco products
Training for support Cisco products