Online Campus

Online Campus EXPERTS

Do you own a physical or virual school and lack the presence of an online campus? We are online campus experts that can help you with this. Over the past 14 years we’ve helped quiet a few Bible Colleges & Universities establish their very own online campus. We can take your physical courses and digitize them in a format where they are now easily accessible to your students which will drive down your cost of production while increasing your bottom line revenue. We can also program your exams in the online campus where each student can take a course from start to finish and take a final exam which will be graded by the online system. The online campus system will also keep a record of all the grades which can help you with producing student records and transcripts.

Our online campus experts can build an online campus with e-books, cassettes, cds, dvds, audio or video courses. If you want to do a live video class setup, we can build this as well. After your online campus is built you will need to keep it somewhere online. We power other schools and universities where they rely on our technologies to keep them up. In essence we power other online universities. We work with small universities that have a student body of less than two hundred students to larger universities with over three hundred thousand students.