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Pay Per Call - Lead Referrals

Nexgen Business Solutions have a special package that is designed for small business that need customers "NOW." We call it our "Pay Per Call Performance Based Customer Generation Package." This package is designed to get your phones ringing daily with new clients that would be interested in your product or service.

With this Pay Per Call Marketing Service we take care of all the marketing cost to advertise your company and you only pay for performance. If we didn't perform for your company, you don't pay anything. This marketing model is designed with the least amount of risk for you the client because we are the ones taking the bigger risk to get you clients. Thus the reason why we have to work hard for your company to receive quality leads from us, especially since we are paying from our pockets to drive customers to you.

With our performance based marketing services we require a contract to be signed which basically states that once we do our job you the client will pay us for it. We also require a DEPOSIT on all performance based marketing services.

Pay Per Call Marketing - Customer Referral System

With the Pay Per Call campaign you will pay for anyone who calls you via our system. All the calls will be tracked and you will be given a user name and password to view everything. With this system you will know how many calls came from our company via our marketing campaigns. This is a 100% transparent system and you have access to everything. You will not be billed any telecom (telephone) charges (we pay for those on our end), you will only pay for the calls that comes through the system to your phone.

How Does it Work ?


Option 1 - Slow approach

We advertise on the internet and rank our local videos and websites top 10 in the search engines. Customers find the ads, videos or websites and call the number that they see which will then re-route the calls to your office phone number. All you have to do is to pick up and talk to the customers. This approach is for small offices with a laid back operation.

Option 2 - Aggressive approach

Our sales agents makes calls based on the type of clients you need and once they find that client who is interested in your service, they place that caller on hold and then call you. Once our agents get you on the phone they alert you about the customer that is on the next line who wants to talk to you about your services. The agent then transfer that client to you and keep calling other prospects. This approach is for larger offices or companies that need a boost in quality phone calls and leads.