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Hire our SEO Experts so that we can help you maximize your web site's visibility!

Search Engine Optimization helps ensure higher ranking positions for websites on the Search Engines. Strategizing with Search Engine Optimization helps you increase your traffic levels, makes your web business more profitable, and ensures that you earn lucrative revenues!

When you optimize your site for the Search Engines, potential customers find it easier to discover you on the Net. Higher rankings on the search engines results in greater traffic to your online store, bringing in higher revenues and ROIs!

Our SEO Expertise Works for Your Site!

At Nexgen Business Solutions, our SEO expertise means that we deliver effective solutions that generate results. Our in-house reliable SEO programs are tailor-made to fit your SEO needs, and they ensure that your website gets to enjoy the benefits of higher rankings in the Search Engines - at the most optimum costs! Our SEO skills mean that we easily convert complex tasks into effective optimization tactics. Qualified and experienced search engine optimization consultants ensure that you get high value returns on your SEO investment. Our detailed knowledge of search engine optimization works for a win-all situation for you and your website!

When we go to work to optimize your site, our dedicated team of SEO experts come up with the right game plan that suits your needs. When optimizing your site, we follow cutting edge strategies that ensure high rankings for your website that help drive qualified traffic to your site. Our strategic SEO processes include the following steps:

1. Analysis
o Your Site
o Competition Site Keywords
o Link Popularity

2. Optimization
Optimization process happens to be much more than adding Meta Tags. Since competition for keywords is fierce, our SEO specialists uses a combination of "on the page" and "off the page" tactics in developing, implementing and monitoring your optimization strategy.

3. Promotion

We submit your website information (URL, Title, Description, Contact details) to the Search Engines.

4. Link Popularity

An effective Link Management Campaign ensures good Link Popularity for a site that is being optimized, ensuring high rankings.

5. Reporting & Fine-Tuning

Reporting and Fine Tuning are done on the basis of

o Demographics
o Diagnostic
o Marketing
o Traffic
o Referrals

6. Site Monitoring and Maintenance

Periodic reviews help in attaining and maintaining the high rankings!

7. Natural Organic Promotion & Optimization

Unlike other Promotion companies we do not rely solely on Promotion Software, Programs or Application to optimize or promote your website. Our SEO Specialists will manually optimize and hand submit your website to major search engines and directories.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages


Have a great website offering the best products? Yet you don't really have the required traffic and sales figures that you are looking for?

Well, here's the answer to your prayers! Search Engine Optimization is one of the smartest online marketing technologies around, and its powerful strategies are sure to energize your e-commerce website!

General Features of SEO Packages

Most engines will index your site in about 30-45 days, but it takes time to gain the popularity and "Page Rank" (PR) needed to compete on competitive phrases.

Our service is for a service period of 30-45 days only. Monthly maintenance can be done at the rate of $100 per month.


Monthly maintenance scope includes:

Ranking Maintenance of the existing keywords
Submission of your site to different forums
Monthly reports

Silver SEO : $499

•  Optimization for different keywords (mutually agreed).

•  Optimization of Meta Content.

•  Optimization of unlimited number of web pages including minor HTML enhancements.

•  Identification of possible spider stoppers.

•  Robots.txt (if needed).

•  Inclusion of Spider-friendly site map.

•  Inclusion or modification of Resources page.

•  Inclusion of 'bread crumb' navigation (if necessary).

•  Optimization of internal link structure.

•  Submission on Major Search Engines like Google, AOL, Alltheweb, AltaVista.

•  Hand submission to engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN only.

•  Detailed report (first month) of various Search Engines feedback of your website.

Our offer does not include any major modifications or inclusion of new content pages. We will do minor modifications as when required. Any new content will be charged extra. We do not offer any time frame guarantee for DMOZ listings because of high work load in their server.

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