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Web Hosting For $100 Per Year*

Looking for a company to host your website that can grow while your company grows? Look no further because you’ve come to the right place. We have web hosting packages available to fit your business budget. Also keep in mind that our company is more than just a web hosting provider. We are a business solutions provider. Check out the rest of our website for further details.

cPanel Hosting Business Hosting Amount of Resources* Package Cost

Our features included:


SSD Hard Drives - for speed

RAID 10 configuration - for uptime and reliability

24/7 Support

Daily backups

Over 100 free applications - 1 click install



Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited email accounts

Unlimited databases

Unlimited FTP accounts

Unlimited sub-domains

Host unlimited websites





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*All customers must pay the taxes and fees in order to redeem the cruise certificate or hotel stay.


* All customers must have the proper travel documents (passports) in order to use the cruise certificates.


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No spamming or bulk email. Doing so will result in termination from our network.

No hacking activities allowed. Doing so will result in immediate termination and possible reporting you to the police.

Do not use this package to run your own file service. This package is intended for regular business users to host their website and check their emails.

You cannot use this discounted package to run your own radio or tv staion.

You cannot use this package to run any streaming operation. We have other packages available for that.

If your website gets very large, we will give you the option to migrate to one of our dedicated server. We will help with the migration process.

If your website uses more than 10% of the server resources, we will give you the option to upgrade to another package that will fit your needs.