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Business Marketing

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Nexgen Business Solutions offers Telemarketing services for small businesses. These services are designed to get you clients immediately and will keep your phones ringing with prospects on the other end of the phone. Each telemarketing services we offer are all different but are custom fit to work for any type of business model.

Each of our telemarketing servers can do over 1,000 calls per second and over 1,000,000 calls per day. 1,000 calls per second means that it's like having 1,000 phone lines that are always there to make and receive calls.

We can have the calls answered by our agents or be transferred to your agents in your office. You can use our lists or you can provide your own lists. Each campaign is setup with a "remove from the list option where someone can press 8 to be taken off the list."

B2B Telemarketing

With our Business to Business Telemarketing services, we can advertise your product or service to businesses within a certain area, city, zip code, area code or the entire USA & Canada. This campaign can be setup to target specific types of businesses or general types. When a business is interested in your services, we can process the sale for you on the phone, or transfer the calls to your company and your office can process the sales.

B2C Telemarketing

With our Business to Consumer Telemarketing services, we can advertise your product or service to consumers. The approach can be setup for target based marketing which is basically going after people who would be more likely to be interested in your services or general consumers. When a consumer wants to place the order on the phone, our agents can process the order on behalf of your company, or transfer the calls to your company where your agents can process the sale.

Voice Blast

We can do a voice blast with a pre-recorded message that is played to anyone that picks up the phone. The same message can be left on answering machines and if there are interested in what you have to offer, they can call you back directly. If someone is interested in your product or service and wants to talk with a live person, all they have to do is "Press 1" and then the call can be transferred to your office where you can have a sales person talk with that potential customer.

Online Marketing

Nexgen Business Solutions offers online marketing services to small businesses. We specialize in aggressive Online Marketing which is to get you immediate attention online. This also creates instant traffic to your websites.

What makes us different than the rest of companies who promise online marketing services is that we have the experience, we understand technology, we understand marketing, we understand business, and most importantly we understand consumers.

Email Marketing

We can setup an email campaign system for your company which can allow you to send hundreds or hundreds of thousands of emails daily. The option to setup a campaign that can send over 1 million emails daily is available. This is something we can discuss on the phone with clients that are interested.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We can optimize your websites so that they rank very high in the search engines. This will put competition on your other competitors. Our SEO is not the traditional approach, we use the smart approach which is our proprietary model that we do not advertise. It is something we discuss on the phone only with a client, but once we deploy it for a client they have leads and calls coming in daily.

SMM - Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing services are designed to get you exposure and traffic on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Youtube. We can help create brand recognition or viral marketing which can get your company a lot of traffic to your websites.

PPC - Pay Per Click Marketing

We can help you setup and manage a pay per click marketing campaign for your company that can deliver top quality results. Most of the pay per click campaigns that we setup brings you results within the same day, some will even bring you results within hours of launch.

Let us help you grow your business. Don't gamble with your pay per click marketing budget, leave that to the professionals.

Direct Mail

Nexgen Business Solutions offers Direct Mail Advertising to small businesses. With our direct mail advertising services they are setup to get you clients in two ways. We can do a Saturation type marketing campaign which is great for getting your ADs out there fast or we can do a Target type marketing campaign which done based on getting your ADs out there to a specific type of customer base. Both types are custom fit to meet your marketing deadlines and goals.

Saturation Marketing

With this type of marketing, we can get your company out there within an entire community or city. This can be sent to all the homes & offices within a certain street address, zip code, area code, or subdivision community.

Target Marketing

This type of marketing is designed go after a particular type of customer that might be more interested in your products or services. This is marketing with a "bulls eye" approach vs. a "go fishing" approach.

Lead Generation

Nexgen Business Solutions offers Lead Generation services to small businesses. Having our lead generation service is like having an additional sales team without the overhead. With a traditional sales team you have to pay them to show up in the office, pay for their training, pay for the insurance of having them there, pay for the resources that they utilize, along with many other things. So, your overhead with having a traditional sales staff is normally higher.

On the other hand with our Lead Generation services, you pay based on performance. Our company sends your business leads (people who are interested in your product or service) and you only pay based on performance. So you don't have to worry about having a high overhead.

If you have an existing sales staff, this also makes it easier for them because after we generate the leads for your company the role of your sales team would be closing the sales vs. generating the prospect, then trying to close. So no matter what sales model you have, with us in your equation it's a big plus with many added benefits.

Appointment Setting

Nexgen Business Solutions offers appointment setting services that are designed to grow and scale your business. If you are tired of gambling your marketing budget and just want to pay for the results that are delivered to you then we have that option available. Use our appointment setting service to build your company and let us help you grow.

Pay Per Call

Nexgen Business Solutions offers pay per call performance based marketing services. These calls are delivered in the form of warm transfers where our specialized agents call areas where your business is located to acquire customers that may be interested in your service, once they get the person interested in your business, they then introduce that person to you and transfer them where you close that potential client.

Website Network Leasing

Nexgen Business Solutions offers Website Leasing services to small companies. This is perfect for new companies who just started or existing companies who want to expand their reach on the internet while generating more calls.

Our Website Leasing services is designed for one thing. It's to get you the most exposure on the internet with a budget you can afford.

This service works by us taking the hard work our of building websites, hosting them, marketing them so that they get to the top of the search engines and then putting up a phone number on them where customers can reach you.